Help a Child

Management of a child with special needs requires a multi disciplinary approach that includes physiotherapy , occupational therapy , speech therapy , special education and psychological counseling to help children become independent members of the society. Synergy care is an organization which strives to support these children wholly supported by donations from well wishers.

Various schemes of sponsorships are available for persons willing to contribute.
Child adoption scheme
  Towards a Child's Remedial Education, Therapy Fees and Transportation
of Months
Donation Amount  
Rs. 4500 per month
Scheme for Mobility Aids
Calipers, Walkers , Gaiters , Splints, CP chairs and other Orthotics for children with motor disabilities.
of Children
Donation Amount  
Rs. 2500 per Child
Medical expenditure
  Children with seizures need regular anti epileptic drugs to control and prevent occurrence of seizures (fits).
of months
Donation Amount  
Rs. 2000 per month
Building Sponsorship program
  Your Contribution  
Contribution towards the Building Fund. Own Building for School and Rehab Center.  
  Donation Amount: Rs.