what we do
What We Do?

Synergy Care is a first of its kind of health care professionals coming together to work in unison to empower the underprivileged who are differently abled and augment their inclusion into the mainstream society. Synergy Care is a charitable organization which runs a school for special needs and is also dedicated to the provision of rehabilitative services of the best quality. Our holistic program is comprehensive, including physical training, language training, social skills training, reduction of inappropriate behaviors, academic instruction, and much more. Synergy Care teaches the life skills that individuals need to succeed at the activities of daily life, thereby increasing individual independence, quality of life, and reducing the burden of care.

Rehabilitation Center

Synergy Care – An integrated rehab center for differently abled individuals.

Synergy care rehab center believes in multi disciplinary approach. The benefits of teamwork are obvious

An appreciation of other disciplines allows professionals to accommodate larger functional goals and integrated interventions, instead of working on isolated tasks.  Teamwork brings together diverse knowledge and skills and can result in quicker decision making and better prognosis.

Committed to providing tailor made , complete and high-quality services to various families across Coimbatore.

We have a specialist team comprising of: 
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists 
  • Special Educators
Our School

The term "special children" brings out mixed emotions within us. For some , fear – fear of being abnormal , fear of social rejection or fear that it could happen to us and for most empathy and for a handful understanding.

These children experience discrimination and exclusion from school and the society at large that most children take for granted. They are often subject to ridicule by a society that is less informed or in many instances choose to be cruel. At times, these children are neglected or locked away by their own parents for the fear of their family getting socially rejected.

Synergy Care Special School accepts children from 18 months to 16 years.

These Children have a sense of belonging at Synergy Care. It is where they feel at home. Synergy Care cares and nurtures God's Own Children to experience what true love is!

Our Trust

Synergy Care Charitable Trust is a voluntary nonprofit organization registered under Indian Charitable Trust Act 1882, established for the integrated development of children who are differently abled. The Trust is a grass root level social welfare organization working directly with special children and their families. Creating social awareness of developmental disabilities in and around Coimbatore city. It also initiates efforts in conducting screening programs in schools and hospitals in order to promote early identification and intervention. The focus is in on rehabilitating special children with quality therapeutic services and integrating them into society.

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