Volunteers Testimonial

In my pursuit to pay back the society for all the good things I got, I decided to volunteer, part of my time for a noble cause. One of my colleagues told me about Synergy Care's selfless services to mentally-challenged Special Children. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to serve there as I was uncomfortable to be around children with limited mental growth. Nevertheless, I decided to do it. It was an experience of a lifetime and i am glad i did it.

These children want to be loved and cared for. The favorable atmosphere at Synergy Care helps them feel good about themselves and excel in a limited manner that their mental faculty will allow them for.

A short stint there changed my perspective on life forever. My views on Special Children are not the same anymore. If my earlier ill-informed, self-imagined opinion was a representation of the population, then we as a society has a wrong bordering sinful view of Special Children.

I strongly recommend to all well-meaning people to give some of their time to volunteer at Synergy Care. The satisfaction derived out of volunteering there cannot be adequately stated. It has to be experienced.

You cannot find a nicer set of people than Soundarya and her staff. Their service is remarkable.

Regards, Singaram , IT professional