Parent Testimonial
As the name says Synergy Care, they do really care for our kids. Here every kid is taken utmost care in each and every aspect. This is the only centre in Coimbatore, which runs by the Professionals who are well trained and offers the best service. Synergy Care has played a major role in developing my son's learning ability. They organize camps for children as well as their parents along with the regular sessions of all therapies. Regards, Sathya Veena Mylsamy
Until 3 yrs, my son uses to be less interactive and don't communicate with people properly showing any development on speech. He doesn't respond to us when we call him or ask him to do anything. After consulting with the therapist in Synergy Care we sent our son to speech therapy class and occupational therapy class. They provide both the classes at one place which is helpful to us as well as my son. We have been observing him all these months and we found that he is gradually developing with the skills. Now our son is interactive and able to communicate his basic needs with actions. We are thankful to Synergy care for their kind deed. Thank u SYNERGY CARE..... Regards, VijhayHarshan & LavanyaHarshan.
At the earlier stage, when I found my son Goutham is having autism, he had poor play, eye contact, attention, response, spontaneity etc., but after regular practice given in Synergy Care, he improved a lot in these areas. The people in Synergy Care take good care of the children which helps them to recover fast. Timely advises given by the members of Synergy Care is very helpful and helped us to overcome the depression. I am Very Thankful to them... Regards, M.Lalitha (Gouthamís Mother)