Treatments & Therapies
Speech Therapy
Speech language pathologist at synergy care deals with children having problems involving oral sturctures like lips, tongue, breathing mechanism etc., where the child is unble to communicate speech or produce them clearly.

We have specialized programs for children with hearing impairment. Our auditory verbal therapists provide individual training for children with cochlear implants.
Professionals in Synergy Care give best consultation, diagnosis and counseling to families of children with the disorders in Communication and Language.
Language Therapy
We provide Language therapy for children with cognitive disorders like Listening, understanding, memory, thinking etc. Our therapists help children who struggle to frame sentence and having difficulty in learning and reading.
Communication Therapy
Communication therapy deals with problems involving social communication or interaction by the child. They find it difficult to adapt themselves to the environment and to the people. Professionals at synergy care work with children who lack the abilities in social communication to make them active members in conversations.
Children might need physical therapy to help with developmental delay, a birth defect, chronic illness or an injury. Professional at synergy care help children with developmental milestones like sitting , standing , crawling and walking. Early intervention programs accepts infants as old as 6 months. We specialize in neurodevelopment treatment, functional mobility and orthotics.

Therapists use special equipment made just for children along with toys and play in order to encourage children to do their best in therapy.

Professionals provide unique management for children with infertile hemiplegia and brachial plexus injury.
Occupational Therapy
This therapy helps the child functionally independent in his day to day routine like self care, social skills and academics. Our professionals help to improve various skills in the child like congnitive skills, sensitivity skills, oral skills etc. We help children to be physically, psychologically and socially independent through various Occupational training sessions.

We specialize in sensory integration for children with sensory processing disorders.
Special Education
Our special educators teach children with basic literacy. We use various teaching aids and enable learning through activity based learning. Curriculum is tailor made according the child's abilities and potential.

We use different approaches to teaching, technology, specifically adapted teaching area to promote learning.
Our unique pre- school program teaches children class room behavior and other skills required for mainstreaming.
Our professionals provide the best behaviour modification programs and counseling to families of children who are suffering from Psychological disorder and poor academic performance.
We address children's mental and social wellbeing with the society and the family. This helps in designing a treatment program for the child along with other therapies.

We also children's academic needs. This helps the child and the family to decide on the learning disability and help them implement strategies which helps the child to cope up with mainstream setting.