Weekly Programs
Who is it for ? These are for the children who are unable to attend the training program on dialy basis and children who are integrated to normal schools and require periodic follow up.
If you want your child to be enrolled for these programs
Behavior Modification Program  
Behavior modification is the use of empirically demonstrated behavior change techniques to increase or decrease the frequency of behaviors.
This program involves both children and their families.
Special Training program for Handwriting skills
Silks of the Arms, hands , body posture, control , memory , vision and eye hand co ordination are trained specifically in this program including activities for developing handwriting readiness.
Pragmatic Skill Training
Activities for social language development and social thinking strategies with role playing activities.
Individualized Home training Program
Tailor made home training program with periodic follow up.
Demonstration therapy
One on one demonstration therapy with additional written manuals and activity cheeklist.