Which is the earlieast age to bring our child for assessment ?

Bring your child as early as 6 months if you feel he is not developing as his counterparts. You can find the month wise developmental milestone on our website for reference. Know your Child
Your child is not too young for therapy if there are developmental concerns. Early intervention is effective in minimizing long-term developmental disorders.

Should we wait to start therapy as Other people in our family are late talkers ?

It is difficult for children to understand why people donít understand them. Waiting to begin therapy prolongs helping your child be understood by others. Waiting probably wonít create a health risk, but it may increase your childís level of frustration.

How long will therapy take?

Some children will respond to a short term intervention. However, when problems have persisted for a long time or are complicated a longer-term intervention may be required.

Is my childís speech and language delayed because he / she is exposed to two languages?

Children all over the world master more than one language. Children who have difficulty in both languages should receive treatment.

How much do screenings and/or assessments cost?

Screening and assessments by professionals are free services at Synergy care.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours are Monday- Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Later hours are available by arrangement

How to Contact you?

e-mail :

Contact Number: +91 9043796777 / 9600961786

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