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Synergy care charitable trust conducts periodic rural awareness camps for developmental disorders in school going children.

School Screening Camps

Schoolwide screening for learning and behavioral disorders results in early identification and timely, responsive intervention for at-risk children. Students who are at risk have difficulty with learning, social relationships, depression, and anxiety and exhibit inappropriate behaviors. School administrators lack awareness about the special needs these children require.

Synergy care is instrumental in the Early identification of students who are at risk. Along with the school administration and faculty we  provide timely intervention and support to address problem behaviors before they become entrenched and difficult, if not impossible, to manage. Early identification and intervention can lead to improved educational outcomes.

Infant screening

We screen newborns (aged below four weeks) and infants (aged above four weeks)  for communication and developmental disorders. This  has enabled early identification of speech and hearing loss, facilitating suitable interventions and addressing the disorders at early stages.

Do u know that at least two in 1,000 children screened had communication disorders, and the early identification and intervention will help address the issue?

Synergy care conducts screening camps in hospitals and maternity homes.  The program will be useful for early identification of communication disorders, cleft lip and palate, down syndrome and other developmental disorders.

Your donation can change a child’s life forever!

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