A Donor Like You

SysArc Infomatix Employees Donate to the Noble Cause of Synergy Care

Chennai, Oct 15: SysArc Infomatix a Chennai based international software company specializing in research and development of lending solutions to the financial institutions continued its efforts to fulfill its commitment towards society through major Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative event on 15th October 2012.

This initiative was undertaken by Mr. Sundar Garg, President and co-founder of SysArc Infomatix. He organized a donation campaign among the employees to help Synergy Care, an NGO and an integrated Rehab in Coimbatore founded and operated by Soundarya Narayan and Dr. Raja Selvakumar.

You would have noticed many less fortunate children among us with debilitating mental health conditions that were not of their own making. These children are often subject to ridicule by a society that is less informed or in many instances choose to be cruel at times and they are neglected or locked away by their own parents for the fear of their family getting socially rejected. Synergy care serves such underprivileged children, who are differently abled in and around the city of Coimbatore. Soundarya encourages parents to get immediate medical screening if they suspect developmental disorder in their children. In Soundarya's caring words, "The worse thing a parent can do is to ignore the symptoms. Earlier diagnosis means better scope for helping children develop motor and social skills".

In order to break this Social myth the campaign gained large scale participation by the SysArc employees, who voluntarily came forward to initiative this cause by sponsoring the organization. Leading by example Mr. Sundar Garg was the first to donate for this noble cause along with the rest of the employees. The collected sum of amount was handed over to the members of Synergy Care by Mr. Parthasarthy, General Manager and the senior member of the organization in presence of other senior officials and the employees of the company.

"It is a privilege and honor for our company to initiate such an event and we look forward to continued support, cooperation and enthusiasm from our employees to make this social initiatives a success", Says Mr. Sundar Garg on the event. The event ended with a noble and satisfactory note for the company and the organization.

"Our sole mission is to help mentally challenged children. We don't have profit motive. Don't let lack of funds keep you away from reaching out to us", says the compassionate Soundarya.

The new way of thinking is an idea that enables all living things on earth to survive and boom the spirit of living together. Helping organizations who work for the development and betterment of differently abled, helps develop humanity among the society, so initiate and play a part in this process.

-Social Initiative by SysArc Infomatix